About Me

I used to be an angry drunk, then I was a melancholy drunk, now I’m both at once.


7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. >> I used to be an angry drunk, then I was a melancholy drunk, now I’m both at once.

    Hello, mate!

    You’re really funny to read, even fon a nonnative. ‘Guess You’re a Journalist too?

    best wishes,


  2. Are you in Nashville?
    I’ve been reading you for a couple months now (i think i heard of you through salon.com?), but I had no idea about where you were based!

  3. I’ve read three and a half paragraphs of your writing. I think you are the girl side to my boy side (blog wise) except that you are way more focused and have already taken on Joe The Plumber.

    This shall require follow-up on my part. That’s my promise to you.

  4. Hey there-

    Well writed site you has. I sent you a submission (interesting email address for that too, btw) that I think you might like. I didn’t really want to leave a comment here, but it seems to be the only way to follow this site. Where’s your ‘follow’ button?

  5. Today I gave you an award. It’s like a blog traffic ponzi pyramid scheme for bloggers, cept there’s no gold at the end of the rainbow (or $20,000,000 in unclaimed funds waiting for you in a secret Nigerian bank account or prison sentences…not yet anyway.)

    To actually display and take claim of your prize, there are rules:

    1. You need to link back to me…I gave it to you (muhahahahah maniacal laugh: http://firstloser.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/suave-blogger-award-cha/)
    2. You need to blog 7 things about yourself
    3. You need to award it to 15 other recent blog discoveries
    4. You need to contact them, keep the prize moving along

    If you’re so inclined, you can stop by my blog, pick up the art (small badge for your blog), and crown yourself Hot Stuff for the day.

    Way to go – congratulations – gazunteite.


    PS – I really do dig your work – great blog!

  6. I like your stories, when are we going to hear from you again?

  7. Hi. I think you may enjoy the blog http://www.hjdates.com
    Its the girls initals, not hand job dates.

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