Deep Thought: Sex Communes

Sorry for the lack of recent updates!  Damn drunken stupors again!  Keep checking back; I have been corresponding with a young lady who hooked up with a master pickup artist, and will have a new post tomorrow-ish.

In the meantime, did you guys read that article about the San Francisco sex commune, where everyone gets up at 7 in the morning to do something called “morning practice,” and it means that guys, like, finger the women to orgasm? has a post titled “So What’s Wrong With a Commune Devoted to Female Orgasm?”  Well, it sounds hell of boring, that’s what’s wrong with it!  What’s the point of a sex commune if there’s no fucking and no ass slappin’?  And for that matter, why does it have to begin so early?  If I were in that meditation session, would go right back to sleep, without achieving any enlightenment or “hydration of the self” at all.


7 Responses to “Deep Thought: Sex Communes”

  1. Emily Kennedy Says:

    That article just goes to remind me that each and every one of us is playing out his/her drama. Sometimes, when a really charismatic person does it, she can draw many people to join her, in the drama that is never going to be about anyone other than her.

    Even if it is meditation, it’s still just her drama.

  2. thx dude.. that was interesting……..

  3. Cremaster Says:

    Karl is all his glory.

  4. tantramate Says:

    The article about the commune leaves out the best of what’s really going on… The OM practice is a way to shift yourself into a better way of being. I’ts only a small part of What’s happening with sex there.
    There’s plenty of regular sex going on there (with 50 people all living together in large group bedrooms) It’s pretty radical to be in a community dedicated to supporting each other’s desires sexually & in relationships.

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  6. thx dudeู ^^

  7. drunken moose,drunken,alcohol…

    […]Deep Thought: Sex Communes « The Clothes That Got Me Laid[…]…

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