Deep Thought

Okay, gentlemen, this tip is for you.  It’s a thought I just had about these shirts, one of which I just bought from American Apparel.

Legalize it

Legalize it

I am enjoying wearing it, but for you straight guys, I think this shirt could offer vast seduction potential.   It’s interesting enough that it gives people a reason to start talking to you; it shows that you’re at least somewhat politically engaged; and it shows that you’re secure in your sexuality, thus setting you apart from every guy in the room who might be afraid of appearing “gay.”    This idea hasn’t been field tested, but I really think it could work!  If you try it, let me know how it goes!


2 Responses to “Deep Thought”

  1. I purchased this shirt when it came out and even though I’m not a man, it still makes a statement. I found that a lot of people on the street, along with my friends would talk to me more openly about being “gay” and it’s like that fashion statement was able to break down some kind of wall. It’s great, but it seems that I’m one of the only people daring enough to wear this kind of thing out in the open over here. I wish other people would start doing it because really I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of. It’s who you are and all so why not flaunt it? I really love wearing this shirt though. So as for your field testing, I’m yet to meet a guy like you said above who is “politically engaged and is secure in his sexuality” but for girls it works too. Attention grabbing and message sending definitely.

  2. Err…


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