“When You Have Sex, You Want More”

“Anita” is in her early 20s and works as a vintage clothing seller.  (She requested this pseudonym; it’s kind of weird for me because my mom is named Anita, but I was like “okay.”)  I talked to her the other night, and she told me about a fateful series of events that took place about six months ago — on what I would call a “memorable night,” except that, as with many of the people I talk to, she only remembers about half of it.

Anita was single at the time, although casually dating several guys.  (She’s very petite and small in stature!  Does this ever happen to taller women?)  Her ex-boyfriend had a friend that she was trying to be buddies with; she saw him around a lot or whatever, and she had suggested that they should hang out some time.  She wasn’t trying to have it off with him, though; she just thought he was a fun guy.

The first time she suggested getting together, he didn’t have time.  Then a few nights later, he was having people over to  his apartment, and he called her to say “come over, let’s hang out.”  She showed up wearing cowboy boots, skinny Levi’s jeans, and an 80s concert t-shirt.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots

She wouldn’t tell me what the 80’s concert was, apparently on the grounds that it would be too identifying (?).  However, RANT OF THE DAY: Can people please shut the hell up about “80’s music”?  When anyone uses this phrase, as far as I can tell, they seem to be talking about a particular style of glossy synthesizer pop music that was popular in that decade.  Like, Wham! and Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Spandau Ballet and whatever the fuck.  WARNING, CHALLENGING OPINION ALERT, that style of music totally sucks.  It’s crappy and overproduced, plus the drums sound too “wet.”  Time spent talking about “80’s music” is wasted time that could have been employed discussing an actual good band!  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds put out like ten records in the 80’s,so  if you’re going to fetishize a decade, why don’t you talk about them?  Talk about Tom Waits or something.  Also, I hate the saxophone solo in “Careless Whispers.”  Seriously, “80’s music” needs to suck my balls.  Here are some concert t-shirts from the nineteen-eighties that I would condone wearing.

Flipper still rules

Flipper still rules

Butthole Surfers

Butthole Surfers

Anita’s new friend “Gibby” had a bunch of his dudes over, watching episodes of The Office (American version).  She brought over a “huge bottle of Gentleman Jack” and proceeded to drink it straight up.   Gibby was drinking the whiskey too, I think.  Time passed.  At one point, Gibby went into the kitchen to get another drink, and she went with him.  She kissed him and they started making out.   She hadn’t ever been interested in him before, and attributes what happened to beer goggles (“Gentleman Jack spectacles”?).

They went back out into the living room and acted normal around Gibby’s friends, as one does.  Then eventually, he decided to go to bed, and told her, “come in there when you’re ready.”  So that’s what she did — she went into his bedroom, and they had sex.  She says “it was a success.”

It is unclear what all the other dudes were doing while this was going on; maybe they had gone home.   This part of the story is kind of weird.  And what makes it even odder is, Anita revealed that it was still only 10 p.m. when they got done having sex!  I was confused by this at first, because I couldn’t understand why Gibby went to bed so early.  Now I think I know the reason, though.  I think that “going to bed” was just a ploy he used to get laid. I know, right?  Can you imagine?  What kind of man would do such a thing?  Shocking, but in any case, Anita had no urge to sleep over there.  “I was just done, and then I left.”

She went home and changed clothes, into a floral sundress, with the same boots and no underwear.

Floral sundress

Floral sundress

Forever 21 dress

Forever 21 dress

She phoned up some good friends and they told her they were at a popular local billiard hall, “Tight Pocket Billiards.”   She drove over, joined them, and started drinking again.  It was there that she met “Charlie,” a friend of her friends who was partying with them.   When she first spotted him, she mistook him for someone she had met before, so she was like “hey, you’re Kurt.”  He was like “no,” but they struck up a conversation.

Shortly thereafter, she “asked him to take me home.”  It struck me that this story was missing the part where the two folks go from shaking hands to going home to fuck.  “What did you talk about?”, I asked.  She said they didn’t talk much, and that it was basically a matter of “chemistry” between them.  Furthermore, “when you have sex, you want more.”

And so it came to pass that they went to his apartment and had the “best sex ever.”  Chemistry doesn’t lie!  A surprising fact about this interview is that Charlie was there while I was conducting it (we were at a fashion party).  He had been talking to someone else, but wandered over at this point.  Anita kept emphasizing that it was “seriously, the best sex ever.”  Charlie seemed more pleased than otherwise to be associated with an activity like this.  He says that when they met, he was wearing a black Nirvana t-shirt, probably with jeans and Pumas.

Vintage Nirvana shirt

Vintage shirt

Charlie didn’t call her back for two weeks after that, but she says they are now “best friends” who also have great sex.  Looking at my archives, this has happened before, that someone had better luck when they went out for the second time in one night.  I mentioned it to Georgiana, and she thinks it is because of, quote, “pheromones.”  You leave the house all smeared with your own sex pheromones, and you attract someone whose body chemicals and hormones are all matched up with yours.  Right?


5 Responses to ““When You Have Sex, You Want More””

  1. Yay for posts.

    I think that tiny people like that def corner the market on the dating all kinds of people at once. Maybe amazonian women such as ourselves are just harder to handle…

  2. EmilyKennedy Says:

    Sober sex is going to be holy grail for this blog isn’t it? I can’t wait until someone out there has hot chemical attraction sober sex and we get every detail. Or at least something more substantial than “I saw him, and we had sex.”

    With you on the 80’s music. It’s ass.

    One other thing: do you think it’s any coincidence that a woman wearing an advanced case of Gentleman Jack Spectacles saw a guy wearing a Nirvana shirt and assumed his name was Kurt? Isn’t that just a nugget of hysterical right there?

  3. Timmy H. Mendez Says:

    The flippant lumping of all the music which was made in the 1980s as a single genre pisses me off as well. It reminds me of some Christina Aguilera horseshit I saw on teevee a long time ago where she descreibed the sound of her new single as being akin to “the music of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.” The fuck? Which?! Also, no! It’s not!

  4. Having just had sex makes you more desirable to others, both because of all the sex pheromones, and I’d add that you most likely look happy and relaxed.
    Tom Waits rules.

  5. nycnewgirl Says:

    It’s totally true. If I haven’t had sex in awhile, I’m fine. But once I start again, I want it constantly. So constantly that it hurts my brain. It’s that same preoccupation I feel when I just eat one Lays potato chip and I MUST have another, preferably dipped in sour cream.

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