Deep Thought

The clothes that didn’t get me laid.


7 Responses to “Deep Thought”

  1. canwepleasestopandreflect Says:

    What type of hot mess shit is this? I would like to see someone try to rock that BS in NYC…

  2. everyone should leave mean comments on that guy’s lame-ass website.

  3. At first I was all conflicted, because I want one of those hilarious trucker hats, yet don’t want to support the reprehensible person who made them. But then I was like, What’s this loser gonna do with the money that’s even so bad? He’ll probably just spend it on porn & booze. The exact same things I would have spent it on! Mensrightsguy, what are we even fighting about? Men & women should never be enemies; we should be comrades.

  4. I find the tight, fruity American Apparel shirt with “Feminism is a hate group” on it to be deliciously ironic.

    p.s. Did that guy make his logo with MS Paint or what?

  5. Anti-feminist and he has horrible grammar? Swoon.

  6. My favorite is the “I hate feminist.” Singular? Which feminist? That guy is probably just bitter because he never gets laid.

  7. What really drives me crazy is backwards swastikas. It’s like the dumbest typo of all time. If you’re going to put swastikas all over your website, have the courage of your convictions & print them facing the right way.

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