Barack Obama, Fashion Police?

Yet another reason to admire Barack Obama:  He recommends you exercise personal integrity when making wardrobe decisions.

American peeps, let’s all go vote Obama tomorrow; I will return with a new post on Wednesday (hangover permitting).


2 Responses to “Barack Obama, Fashion Police?”

  1. rushton garrett Says:

    you people are fucking morons. you think obama is a communist and a muslim? god damn you people sure are ignorant for being so elite. you obviously haent read enough factual information about communism or obama. I because of ignorant fucking jackasses like you that our beloved country has down down the toilet. Any true intellectual can and will realize that massive change is needed in this country- by the way did you notice how the world and its stock markets reacted to an obama victory? So if nothing else be happy in the fact that he made you some money. P.S. look up original fascist doctrines and get some ideas, if you are intelligent you will be able to make many dirct correlations between BUsh and fascism (i.e. suspension of habeus corpus- directly violates multiple U.S. laws and International laws)- keep reading you fucking idiots

  2. LOL, why’s this dude so mad at me? All those times I said I love Obama, did it come off as ironic or something?

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