Deep Thought

(As JMM from Talking Points Memo would title it.)  This year, as every year, I dressed up for Halloween in kind of a half-assed way.  I never get all that into making a creative costume, and furthermore, always sort of resent the implication that I should do so.  But why should this be, I asked myself?  The other 364 days of the year, I put a lot of effort into “turning it out.”  Then I realized that perhaps that is the reason I resent the costumes thing.  Just as New Year’s eve is “amateur night” for people who aren’t really passionate about getting drunk, so Halloween is “amateur night” for people who aren’t passionate about dressing to get laid.  These jerks go out in baggy jeans and sweatshirts all the time, and then they expect a bunch of credit because they wore something fun and attention-getting just one night.  You know how people say “make Earth Day every day,” or that you should retain your Christmas spirit all year, or whatever?  So should it be with this holiday.  If Halloween is about dressing to impress, then we must make every day Halloween.


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