Dressing For Success In the News

This is another short post to get you PSYCHED for tomorrow’s holiday-themed story.  Firstly, I would like to point out that according to my viewer statistics thingy, more than one person has found this website by searching for “Halloween+collateralized debt obligation.”  Last week I made a funny joke about dressing up for a Halloween party as a collateralized debt obligation, but I didn’t realize anyone was actually doing to do it.  That is amazing.  You guys are going to get so much pussy.  (However, I don’t have a suggestion for what your costume should include, because I don’t understand how the economy works.*

*Much like John McCain!  ZING!)

Secondly, the clothes that got people laid is such a hot, cutting-edge topic, only me and the world’s hottest scientists are covering it.  This week a University of Rochester study says that men get more attracted to women who are wearing red clothing.  This result surprised me.  I only have, like, one story on the entire website that involves a red article of clothing.  All this time, I’ve been fixated on boots, kneesocks and hoodies, and I haven’t even thought about the important issue of whether the color red inflames our biological urges by reminding us of fire or erect penises (or whatever the fuck it’s supposed to remind us of).  What do you think, readers:  Do you get more action when you are wearing a lucky color, and if so, what is it?


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