Announcement: 2008 Halloween Costume Contest!

Sorry for the sporadic posting lately.  I can tell you for a fact that people are still out there getting laid, even though I have been preoccupied.  I know this because I was out with some friends the other night and I observed the process of seduction in action.  A young lady who’s a regular reader came up to my table and kept excitedly slurring at me about how “I’m gonna fuck this guy!”  He was trailing around after her, and I think this made him slightly nervous.   She pointed out her outfit (a pair of corduroy pants and a black t-shirt with some innocuous logo), saying “these are the clothes that get you laid,” and I was like “we’ll see about that.”  If I had followed them home, I could have “liveblogged” the whole thing.

Marc Jacobs corduroy pants

Marc Jacobs corduroy pants

He was wearing a plaid cowboy-style shirt and one of those caps that dudes wear.  It was olive green.

Military-style cap

Military-style cap

Plaid cowboy shirt

Plaid cowboy shirt

I will have new updates shortly, but in the meantime, I’m happy to announce my HALLOWEEN COSTUME STORY CONTEST.  I would like to do a bunch of holiday-themed entries to get everyone in a party mood; I’d also like to test the often-repeated claim that Halloween is the sexiest holiday .  The rules are simple:  If you can remember a time you got laid that involved costumes (Halloween, but I’d also accept Mardi Gras, fancy dress balls, and so on), write how it all happened and e-mail it to me.  I will post all the good ones, and then unveil the winner on or around Halloween itself.

I am not sure what the reward will be for victory in this contest, other than the knowledge of a job well done.  At the moment I have very little to offer the world except for “cultural capital,” a nebulous asset that isn’t nearly as reassuring to possess as regular old money capital; in fact, I considered holding an ancillary contest in which people offered suggestions about what the prize for the first contest should be.  This threatened to lead to a mise-en-abîme of infinitely recursive contests, so I don’t think I will, after all.

Instead, if your company or business would like to donate an item to be used as the prize for our HALLOWEEN COSTUME STORY CONTEST, it (the company/business) will receive promotional consideration from The Clothes That Got Me Laid.  Don’t miss this great opportunity!  Who will step up to the challenge?


6 Responses to “Announcement: 2008 Halloween Costume Contest!”

  1. It would also be creative to go as a collateralized debt obligation.

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