Donna, Part II: “We Gave Them a Show”

After their night of public nudity and messin’ around, Donna and Marc returned to town with some unresolved sexual tension.  They had just been acquaintances before their trip to Florida, but now they realized that they had a lot in common (public nudity and messin’ around).  They started talking to each other and hanging out.  The way this would go, apparently, is that he would call and ask if she wanted to come over and get high.  Then they would get high, and go swimming in his apartment complex pool.  Sometimes they would play with some contraption he had, a sort of one-wheeled skateboard that you try to to balance on.- Donna told me the name of this device, but I forgot it instantly it’s called a Bongo Board!  Thanks, loyal readers.  They did some more skinny dipping, and engaged in activities fell under the rubric of “hooking up,” but stopped short of actually having sex.

They continued like this for a couple of weeks, not going on dates and not screwing.  Donna explains it by saying “I guess we were just really shy and awkward.”   There was no point in getting serious, anyway, since Marc was about to move to Houston.  Donna was visiting a friend in Savanna on the same weekend as his move, so when she left for her trip, she thought she had seen him for the last time.

The trip was much worse than she expected: She got into a fight with her friend, and she became “deathly sick” with a cough that she attributes to Georgia’s swampy weather.  Furthermore, she wanted to see Marc again.  She impulsively decided to change her plane ticket and fly home two days ahead of schedule.

Donna got back to Knoxville on a Saturday night, and had no intention of going home and resting up.  She had to be stoic if she was going to get to see her man, and besides, she had a new dress she wanted to show off.  She met up with a couple of friends at a local bar/yuppie lounge thing, and invited Marc to join them.  I can understand how this worked, by the way, because I have the exact same style of cough right now.  It doesn’t necessarily prevent you from going out and functioning normally; it just causes hellacious pain that makes you feel as though your throat had been abraded with sandpaper.  Also, your glands swell up.  Donna kept her throat numbed throughout the evening by taking swigs of a vile-tasting painkiller called Secanol, alternated with whiskey.

Marc didn’t care about her swollen glands; he wanted to see her, so he came out to the bar, and invited them all back to his apartment when they decided to leave.  She was wearing this dress, and no underwear:

American Apparel poplin dress

American Apparel poplin dress

They had a good time at his place, but when her friends asked if she wanted a ride home, she started feeling awkward again.  Feeling like she had already been forward by changing her plane ticket to see Marc, she didn’t know what to say, so she was like “oh, um, I guess so.”  After she got home, though, she got a text message from Marc saying “do you wanna come back over?”  His car had broken down, so the ball was in her court.  She came back over.  They got comfortable on the sofa and started making out.  His living room had a large glass sliding door which faced the windows of the neighbors’ apartment.  Her dress was riding up and shifting all around, and in her no-underwear state, she realized that lots of people could see all kinds of stuff:  “We gave them a show.”

They moved into the bedroom.  At this point, it seems like they had earned their delayed gratification, but Donna says the action that followed wasn’t great: “Sometimes sex ruins things.”  I have a different theory, though.  It seems like Donna and Marc spent plenty of time taking off their clothes in public, and then as soon as they got inside an actual room, with opaque walls, things started to go wrong.  Their relationship was founded on exhibitionism; maybe it was privacy that ruined it.

Marc’s move to Houston spared her from deciding whether to have more bad sex.  Strangely, though, he moved back to town two months later.  What follows doesn’t have anything to do with clothes or sex, but it’s a chilling cautionary tale.  Two months later Donna was out at the same yuppie bar, getting drunk with her friend “Christine.”  They were out on the porch, Marc was on his way to hang out with some dudes they both knew, and he came up to her.  She greeted him coolly, like “hi, Marc.”  Then her friend “Jake” joined them, and she greeted him enthusiastically, with hugs and everything.  This seemed to irritate Marc, because when Jake left he said “so what, do you hate me now?”

See, that’s why it’s a cautionary tale.  If you think someone is rejecting you, never behave in this terrible way; it will make them want to reject you ten times as much.  Donna said “no, it’s cool now, we’re friends.”  Christine helped out by saying “she’s got a hot, sexy man now!”

This wasn’t actually true, and Donna indicated as much, but he continued, “I just feel like it’s so awkward!”  She said “maybe it is for you,” but that she felt fine about it.  Before he slunk away he said “can I at least get a hug?”  I became very agitated when I heard this part of the story.  The phrase “can I at least get a hug?” should never be uttered in the English language.  They shared a very insincere hug, are now no longer in contact with each other.  LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU.


4 Responses to “Donna, Part II: “We Gave Them a Show””

  1. It’s a bongo board!

  2. "Marilyn" Says:

    Hey baby, I am sorry to hear about your cough. But am I just confused, or are you interchanging Marc and Luke and parts of this story?

    I miss you and your amazonian physique.

  3. AW JEEZ, I keep mixing up my pseudonyms! I need a fact-checker or something.

  4. uberuberminx Says:

    The poplin dress is screaming “come get flirty with me” 🙂

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