“Do You Even Remember What My Name Is?”

Today, the second in a II-part series.  When we last encountered Cecily, she was “scurrying away” from the scene of her tryst with her ex-boyfriend/boss.  Shortly thereafter, workplace relations between the two became very strained.  The fact that he refused to do the friends-after-the-breakup thing contributed to this problem.  If you’re someone’s boss, and you’re fucking them, it’s just not practical to claim you hate them too much to be friends.  The result was that she quit that job and went to work at a different ski resort.

Cecily  volunteers for a charity that raises money for disabled people; a few weeks after she started her new job, they held a beerfest at a casino in Tahoe to raise money for the Special Olympics.  She offered to help set up.   Actually, the charity offered to let her help set up; when she had volunteered at the beerfest the previous year, her task was pouring beer, and “I poured it all into my own mouth.”  Instead of telling her they didn’t want her near their beer ever again, the powers that be called her and said “do you want to help set up?”  As it turns out, this was a better gig, because she got done early and was free to “get liquored up” the rest of the night.

Cecily had met “Finn” working at her last ski resort, I think.  (I can’t keep track of all the ski resorts involved in this anecdote!  Cecily is an experienced woman with a lot of ski resorts in her past, and I doubt even she can remember them all.)   At the time, they had been dating other people, but now it seemed they were both single.  She ran into him, they got talking, and he asked if she wanted to go across the street to a concert.  It featured the guy who played harmonica for Blues Traveler.  Once she had spent enough time getting drunk, she agreed to this plan.

She was wearing camel-colored corduroy pants and a blue-green cotton shirt with short sleeves.  She describes them as normal casual wear, and says that “they were decent except for having beer spilled all over them.”  Also, she had on strappy leather sandals that were “filled with beer.”  By the way, I wish everybody would stop getting on my case about how the clothes on this site aren’t very seductive and how it’s “actually the booze” that gets people laid and whatever.  I don’t care!  This site is for entertainment purposes!  You’re supposed to draw your own conclusions.  Anyway, in this case Cecily was wearing both clothes and booze, so there you go.

Before leaving the concert, Cecily and Finn exchanged phone numbers.  He was very anxious that, in her alcohol-induced haze, she would fail to register his identity (“do you even remember what my name is?”), or be unable to operate her phone, so he made sure she entered it correctly.

Such enthusiasm seemed to imply he would call right away.  So why didn’t he?  Was he “just not that into her?”  Actually, he had a good reason.  He had lent his phone to his friend “Ash,” who took it to a party where a fight broke out.  During the melee, someone broke a bottle over Ash’s head, and he had to go to the hospital; he lost the phone in all the confusion.  (Shortly afterward, he got sent to jail for having too many DUIs.  Cecily says things like this are always happening to him.  I told her I need a CTGML story from this loveable rogue, and she said she would try to hook me up.)

Finn finally got his phone back, after Ash returned to the scene of the crime and dug it out of the cushions of some girl’s sofa.  He did this because he’s a loyal friend, and because Finn “threatened to kill him” if the phone wasn’t recovered.  Meanwhile, a week had passed.  Cecily was out drinking with friends one night, and decided to call Finn.  She didn’t think he was that interested, but they were his friends too, so inviting him to join them didn’t seem too high-pressure.

Instead, he said “I would like to take you on a date.”  They went on their date a few days later.  She wore dark jeans and a black baby-doll blouse.  He wanted to take her to a nice Spanish restaurant, but it was closed for renovations, so they wandered all over town looking for something else, finally settling on a dive-y Mexican place.  After their meal they went to her place and hooked up.  Her roommate at the time had a crush on her, and was unreasonably annoyed that she had done this, but you can’t stand in the way of true love!  Cecily and Finn remain a happy couple to this day.


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