“My Friends Were Like, ‘Do You Want Us to Kick His Ass?'”

{Important note:  I am posting this much later than I originally intended, because the I was afflicted with a hangover when I wrote it, and accidentally pressed “save” instead of “publish.”  Also, on a related note, the notes I took about the clothes that got someone laid are, in this case, very messy and difficult to read.  Bear with me, people. I’m not getting paid to write this website, and if you have a thing you do for free, you’re allowed to be drunk while doing it.}

Last night I talked to “Rich,” a foxy young man who lives in the American south. He told me that his most recent hookup took place one weekend when he was out with his cousins (one of whom is a “super-dyke,” apparently), and they went out to a “random gay club.” He was wearing a pair of vintage jeans, and a black vintage t-shirt with the word “greaser” and a picture of a motorcycle on the front. The back of the shirt says “50’s and 60’s night,” and the name of some bar — it’s a souvenir for some 50’s and 60’s dance night. He got both of these items at a local vintage clothing boutique. He was also wearing a navy blue jacket with fuzzy plush lining; I think these are called a “flight jacket” or a “fireman’s jacket.” He had mysteriously found it on the coat rack in a house he used to live in.

Blue jacket

Blue jacket

I cannot find a picture of this “greaser” shirt, but the basic concept here is that you can find something unique and special in vintage shops.  Rich is commited to this concept, and buys mostly used stuff. (I think that’s what he said, because there’s something in my notebook that might say “never new jeans,” but also might say something about “resin.”)

His hookup situation began at the bar when a guy walked up to him and said “hey, ‘greaser.'” Rich’s friends thought he meant it in a rude way, and they were like “do you want us to kick his ass?”, but Rich thought he was cute, so he said “no no, I want to talk to him.”  He was “DRUNK,” as my notes helpfully point out, and in this condition, “Saul” seemed to have many fine qualities (he’s Jewish, and a filmmaker!).  They exchanged numbers and agreed to hang out later.

After that, they dated for a couple of weeks, and I think lent each other some CDs or DVS or something.  Nevertheless, it failed to go anywhere; they lacked chemistry, and Rich wasn’t having a very interesting time. He says the ultimate result of their brief non-relationship was that “it made me realize I don’t like to date,” and that his successful relationships have started out as friendships that surprisingly turned romantic.


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