The Links That Made Me Popular

— Big ups to for linking to me! What happened was, I sent them an e-mail asking if they were interested in my site, and they posted about it right away. I had no idea it could be so easy to find a wide readership; I thought it involved months of elbow grease and dedication, and as a result I was giving way too much credit to that asshole from Stuff White People Like.

— One thing that’s naff is when blog people do posts about the “hilarious” search terms readers use to find their sites, like “ZOMG ‘Pope Barack Obama Michael Phelps love triangle’, aren’t people crazy?!”. I know you agree with me, so I’m not going to share mine with you; they ARE amusing, but I just want to make one observation. I like it when the search terms that show up on the referrals page are something like “women in wet underwear” or “naked in just knee socks.” It suggests that the person went on the internet looking for wank fodder, but was too feckless and poorly motivated to stick with the task, and started clicking on other stuff too. Like, “enh, I could do a whole masturbate-to-naked-pictures thing, or I could just read blogs.” I think it’s endearing.

Lastly, a reminder: You can send your CTGML anecdotes to Let’s get some submissions from men as well as ladies; this ain’t a damn hen party.


8 Responses to “The Links That Made Me Popular”

  1. Oh. I do that. Not masturbate to naked pictures of women in wet kneesocks, but I have listed things people Google. I’ll still do it, but it’s good to know where I stand.
    Great site. Carry on!

  2. Yea great site….I’m gonna have to look into sites like jezebel as well.

    Check out my site if you get a chance..

  3. This is hilarious. We just linked out to you. Any interest in doing a link exchange with

  4. slimjackson Says:

    Funniest search I’ve seen on one of my blogs…”my wife likes three ways with hung guys”. What could this poor fellow possibly have been looking for? Women also frequently search “how to make a guy sleep with me”. I don’t really see how that one is too difficult. They should be able to accomplish that within 4 or 5 words. is the most booming site that I’m behind. That’s where I see some of the funniest searches. I’ve also seen one on my personal blog that said “black guy fart in face”. I’m not sure where that search was going either. That can be viewed at Keep up the good work!

  5. What an interesting blog….kind of like a car wreck. It’s fascinating, but you know you shouldn’t look, but you can’t stop staring. Interesting work. Wish I had something as flashy to share as some of your ‘confessionals’!

  6. theeriver Says:

    Good site, yea I’m famous for deaf girl sex. LOL!

  7. […] this website by searching on the question “Is it normal to masturbate in high heels?” I said I wasn’t gonna do jokes about the search terms, so I will treat this as a request for advice. […]

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