Blogger Fever

Right now I’m trying to build up readership for this site, so I’m always looking for material I can use for new posts.  That leads to a lot of conversations that go like this:

Person I Know: Now that that relationship is over, I’m starting to realize how fucked up a lot of things about it were.  I’ve been talking about it with my therapist, and she helped me see how demeaning a lot of the things Ian said and did to me were, like I already told you about the comments he used to make about my weight.   Now that I have more perspective on it, I think in a lot of ways, that relationship was kind of abusive.  {Fucked-up relationship details follow here.}  It’s been hard because people know I’ve been having a really rough time these last couple of months, like not going out and crying at work and stuff, and I know they think it’s just because I’m taking the breakup really hard, but it’s not!  It’s because of dealing with the aftermath of the relationship itself!  And I can’t really talk about any of this stuff to people that know Ian, because a lot of it’s really personal and they wouldn’t feel comfortable hearing it.  It also sucks because his new girlfriend lives so close to me.  I’ve been really freaked out about running into him in my neighborhood, so I’ve been taking the long way around my block to the Metro station every day.

Me: That’s interesting.  What were you wearing the first time you guys hooked up?

(The answer, by the way, was “pajamas.”  Hope you guys had a good weekend!)


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