“I Swam In My Underwear That Night”

In a previous post, I mentioned “Marilyn,” a young woman who described her winning outfit as “some kind of muumuu.” After she read the post, Marilyn was gracious enough to send me more details about her night(s) of passion! She unexpectedly hooked up with her colleague “Ronan” at a party. She describes it thus: “The whole thing was really weird in that it was like inexorable but oblique; I kind of have an inkling it would happen early on in the evening, but for no actual reason.” I know exactly what she means — sometimes there’s just a vibe in the air, you know? “And even as the evening drew to a close, there was no sexy banter etc., but we just sort of held hands and played footsie and talked about hobbies and vacations and other innocuous things, and then all of a sudden bam.”

First of all, the item she self-deprecatingly described as a muumuu was in fact a maxi-dress:

T-Bags halter print maxi-dress

T-Bags halter print maxi-dress

Glamorous! Secondly, though, she points out that “I also swam in my underwear that night, so those could

actually be the clothes that did it (black, lace).” No picture here, because you know already what a woman in wet black lace underwear looks like. Finally, though, she explains that “actually, by the time the sexy time commenced, I was wearing a t-shirt and athletic shorts because my dress was all wet from swimming.” (It seems that at some point she put the dress back on over the wet underwear.) So that’s THREE outfits, all or none of which might have influenced the outcome (along with mysterious hormones wafting on the breeze between M. and R.). Confusing! For this very reason, people who work in the hard sciences (tee hee) do experiments that isolate one variable at a time to see what effect it has on a situation. This realm of human endeavor isn’t yet an organized discipline; I feel like a geologist in like 1750, trying to figure everything out as I go along.

At the end of this post, the hot outfit my correspondant wore on her date or whatever with Ronan the following night; but first, one final point. Marilyn rejects the “alcohol and desperation” trope, pointing out that “while alcohol was involved, I don’t know that desperation was, oddly enough.” I think this is a good point, because the concept of the drunken hookup gets so maligned all the time. Alcohol doesn’t always lead to bad decisions; sometimes it functions as the “liquid courage” that you need to pursue your dreams!

Gap knit dress

Gap knit dress

Gold python clutch (she also had gold sandals)

Gold python clutch (she also had gold sandals)


3 Responses to ““I Swam In My Underwear That Night””

  1. Nice post!! Love these dresses and accessories…

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  3. A very similar dress has been my lucky little number a couple of times. There’s something about a short, knit dress…

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