“I Asked Him If He Liked Making Out”

Today’s submission comes to us from “Fern,” a recent college graduate (and former college radio DJ) who’s currently working in real estate and living in San Francisco. The night she met her current boyfriend, Fern was wearing a black tank top and a skirt; she explains that she can’t remember specific details about these items because “I was so wasted.” She was also wearing a pair of Miss Sixty flip-flops.

Fern reports that she went to Café Saint-Ex (a D.C. bar) one night after a show at the Black Cat. “Hector” was DJing reggae there. “I wandered in and went behind the dj booth and just asked him if he liked making out.” They have been together for two years now! She points out that “if I hadn’t gotten so retardedly drunk that night none of this would’ve ever happened!!!”

This blog is about the clothes, but there are two obvious non-sartorial lessons we can draw from Fern’s story: (1) If you’re in DC, go to Saint-Ex. It’s a total hookup bar for people in their 20s. (If you’re like a thirtysomething divorcee, go to The Big Hunt, or as I hilariously call it, “The Big Cunt.”) (2) Be a person who spins records at a bar. There’s just something a club DJ; I too have felt their magnetism.

We don’t know the brand of the tank top so I’m linking you to a couple of ones I like.

C&C California tank

C&C California tank

American Apparel U-neck tank

American Apparel U-neck tank

Miss Sixty leather sandal (sold out, apparently)

Miss Sixty leather sandal (sold out, apparently)


One Response to ““I Asked Him If He Liked Making Out””

  1. annamaria Says:

    I cannot even count the number of times that a simple black tank and perfectly fitted jeans have helped me out. And I’m talking H&M tank top and Levis (which happen to fit me miraculously well). so simple, so perfect.

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